The Shadows – Nov 2013:
This album is a collection of shadows, of ladies and mirrors, demons and angels, the stories of my life and others who have nearly lost themselves, but return to tell the tale.

Recordings for a Quilted House: Music from ArtFarm – Sep 2012

On a sunny Saturday morning, we have chocolate in our coffee, potato hash in our bellies, and Hazel is hard at work sewing the walls for a small glass house to be erected in the space behind our lovely Victoria. The house will be treated with a song, and a sound collage to be enjoyed by the ArtFarm visitors, at least until they are torn apart by the Nebraska winter.

These recordings follow a 1,000 mile bicycle trip through Colorado, Wyoming and Nebraska, following that great pioneer path: the Oregon Trail. A thousand miles pedaled for beauty and inspiration, we did our best to capture some of that beauty during our month at Art Farm in Marquette, Nebraska.

Not a proper album, but a collection of artistic output while serving as residents at Nebraska’s ArtFarm. The process: Hazel writes, the song is videoed, the recording is finished with layers of found textures and farm instruments. The accompanying video for much of this collection is available on our Vimeo and Youtube pages.

Stories from this adventure on my blog at

Lost and Found – Sep 2011

A collection of work from my time as a resident artist at Elsewhere, Greensboro, NC.

Windfall – Oct 2008

The songs on this album were written while I was biking across the US. They are songs for the people I met along the way.

Lullaby: Field Recordings – Apr 2008

This is a collections of songs written and/or recorded in bedrooms I have known, songs that are my dreams and midnight prayers. They are old rough recordings, but I thought it was time to share them.